Kamal Ashnawi: the world’s first trillionaire?

This guy made the news on 26th January 2012 when he claimed that:

- he’s also known as Raden Mas Prabhu Gusti Agung Ki Asmoro Wijoyo
- he was born in Tanjung Malim, Perak on 1st January 1964
- his secondary education was at Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS) in Selangor
- his tertiary education was at Dartmouth College in the UK, where he did Marine Engineering
- he then lived in the Netherlands for almost 20 years, eventually becoming a Dutch citizen
- he then decided to return to Malaysia to help his countrymen
- before returning to Malaysia, he was a consultant with Royal Shell and other Sierra Petroleum project companies.
- he has 16 international passports
- he’s a reincarnation of two emperors of China, including Emperor Nurhaci (17th century); this was purportedly confirmed by a “Royal Physician” by the name of Dr Wong Eng Po
- he’s also related to royal families in India, Java and Thailand.
- he’s a sultan from Indonesia
- he has millions of US dollars’ worth of gold bars, jade, diamonds and US banknotes loaded up in a remote 3m high cave in Kunming, China, of which entrance is guarded by an immortal old couple. There’s also a Keeper of the Royal Treasure.
- he’s the sole administrator of the royal wealth kept in secret accounts in about 1,000 banks worldwide; hence 86.7% of the world’s money belongs to him
- he has letters from HSBC certifying that he has five trillion euros (RM20 trillion); and don’t be impressed yet, this is a SMALL amount, he has much more money in other banks and institutions.
- the money belongs to him but he can’t take them because they’re under the control of Indonesia, Germany, Britain, the US and the Euro Central Bank
- he will invest 3 trillion euros (RM12 trillion) to green a desert in China.
- in March 2012, he will negotiate with institutions such as the IMF to be recognised as the Emperor of Indonesia, following which he will be known as “Paduka Ekatat Pangeran Ratu Gusti Agung Sri Maharaja Prabhu Hyang Ida Bathara Svambhu Raden Mas Ki Asmoro Wijoyo” or “Paduka Shah Alam Tengku Khalifatullah Kamal Ashnawi Putra Al-Rashid Maliqul Muqsith Syed Putra Alam Shah”
- he travels around with his private jet
- he has 8 “dayangs” (female attendees) to cater to his every whim
- namecard:

Quotable quote: “A billionaire needs to show he has the money. But for me, a trillionaire, I don’t need to show that I got money. I can travel in a bus. I can wear slippers.”

He says he’s rich. But his story could just be as rich.

From the sound of it, he’s the new Elie Youssef Najem.

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